Jewelry Care

May 7th, 2017

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Always remove jewelry before sleeping, bathing, showering, swimming, saunas, hot tubs or any other activity that may cause unnecessary wear on the items.

Bone: Bone is a naturally porous material and will absorb any liquids it comes in contact with.

Be sure to remove bone jewelry before bathing and swimming. Bone will also absorb hair dye & makeup and these colors (depending on how the products were made) may stain the bone permanently.

Copper: Copper oxidizes and darkens when it comes in contact with the air in the environment. It tends to get to a certain dark color but then it doesn’t get any darker.

Tips to Caring for and Cleaning copper jewelry

Patinas (blackened copper): What is a patina?

A patina is the oxidation of the surface layer of a material such as silver or copper. This happens  naturally over time or can be done purposefully using a variety of methods.

Frequent handling and constant wear (wearing during sleep, showers, etc)  can cause the patina to fade more quickly.

We coat our patina'd products in a layer of natural wax to preserve and sustain the finish, but over time this coloring may fade -making your jewelry unique to you.

If at any time your item fades more than you like simply ship it back to us and we'll Re-Do the Patina for you and ship it back to you priority mail!

Hoops: Always follow the instructions, twist open side to side. Never Pull the circle 'open' or 'out' of shape.

As with all handmade items there will be variances and imperfections - we do not see these as 'defects' but feel they add personality.