Scavenger Zine

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Get a black & white, hard copy of the zine with handmade, recycled paper covers that have been lovingly stamped (cover colors may vary)

This is an Introductory guide to Bone Collecting, with a focus on the animals commonly found in the Pacific Northwest (but also throughout the u.s.a)

- diy bug spray recipe
- tips for collecting
- 20 pages
- beautiful Original artwork
- anatomical drawings to help with bone ID
- latin names and info for common species
(deer, coyote, rabbit, opossum, muskrat and more!)

Cover art: @uglycattdrawings
Muskrat & Rabbit: @lwhittie
Deer & Coyote: @zaheroux
Raccoon & Rat: @ahhvecadoes
Opossum: @skye-yotes-stash

(zines are shipped separately from other orders unless your order is large enough to accommodate a flat booklet)